Automatic LiveUpdate and other tasks in the Task Scheduler do not run after you install Norton AntiVirus

After you install Norton AntiVirus (NAV), you notice that none of the tasks in Microsoft Task Scheduler, including Automatic LiveUpdate, are running as expected. You examined the Scheduled Tasks and notice that all of your tasks, including Symantec NetDetect, show a status of “Could not start.”

The rest of the article gives you a how to fix your configuration. Check it for details.

I ended up using scenario 2 with limited success. It appears to reschedule itself to run in 4 hours if it was successful. If it fails it leaves a message of “Could not start” in the Scheduler. Logging off and back on appears to fix the problem.

Swen Worm

I received an email purportedly from Microsoft on Friday. It was suspicous because the email address was wrong. When I examined it under Yahoo I found the attachment contained an executable file. I let Yahoo scan if for a virus and it told me it was a worm so I deleted it. Today I found out it is called swen. For more info read this article at,,289142,sid14_gci928518,00.html.

Defending the Godless Among Us. They're called atheists, secularists and philosophical naturalists. Or you could just call them 'bright.' A commentary by Richard Dawkins from Wired magazine. [Wired News]

An attempt to create a new more colorful word to describe atheists, secularists, and philosophical naturalists in a comical attempt to mimic the success of the word “gay” when used to describe homosexuality. He points out that the social stigma of homosexuality has been reduced tremendously in the last twenty years and believes a part of that success is due to the deliberate association of a positive sounding word like gay to homosexuality. He tries to make the argument that America is more prejudiced against “brights” than other minority groups. I am sure that there are members of these minority groups who are more than willing to explain to him the “finer” points of prejudice.