RE: The Scofflaw Swimmer(Government takes too much authority and not enough responsibility)

In New Orleans, by contrast, the mayor seemed panicked, the governor seemed medicated, and the airborne wasn’t there until it was there and peace was restored. Until then no one took responsibility. There was a vacuum. But nature abhors a vacuum, so rumors and chaos came in to fill it. Which made things worse.

No one took charge. Thus the postgame commentary in which everyone blamed someone else: The mayor fumbled the ball, the governor didn’t call the play, the president didn’t have a ground game.


A reflective piece about the mishaps of Katrina and the failure of our leaders to be preceived as in charge. Whether we like it or not, our media will try to fix the situation by the only means they know how. They will report the story in a way that results in quick action. If we do not like the job the media did in this disaster, we need better leadership by our governments.