Se7en Hefeweisen And A Day In The Park

Christian Morlein's Se7en HefeweizenLast Saturday we went to the Moerlein Lager House to celebrate my mother-in-law and wife’s birthday and it almost was a disaster. We did not know it beforehand but there was a Gay Pride parade going on the same day and ending up at the park next to the restaurant at the same time as our reservation. We were almost to the restaurant when we found several roads blocked off. Fortunately I was able to make a scenic detour through Kentucky and was able to find some open roads on the other side of the restaurant. The restaurant was busy and festive. I noticed that much of the crowd was drinking what looked like a Hefeweizen and since I have been on a Hefeweizen kick this month, I took the opportunity to try Moerlein’s Se7en (Seven) Hefeweizen.  It was a nice Hefeweizen with hints of citrus. My only complaint was the small head on the beer. Here is my checkin on Untappd.

After the meal we went to Smale park. My wife wanted to see and ride Carol Ann’s Carousel. I was surprised in this high tech world how busy a low tech carousel was. The carousel was very pretty and a few minutes after arrived, a wedding party arrived. It was amusing to see the grooms and bridesmaids try to get on the horses in their tuxedos and dresses.

Then we went and played with the rest of the kids in the park. It has to bring a smile to your face to see your 84 year old mother-in-law making music by stepping on piano keys.

Here is one of those scenic bridges on my detour.

Roebling Suspension Bridge