ATA RAID 1 for the server

To install SBS2K I am going to need more disk space. So I picked two new 75GB disk drives off of Ubid last week. I was going to put one on my main desktop that needs more disk space for video files but have instead opted to install both of them on the server in RAID 1 configuration. Since I will be replacing a 8GB drive I should have ample capacity. Since cost remains a higher priority than performance I restricted choices to ATA RAID 1. A little research showed me that there is a lot of interesting work being done in this area by Promise and Highpoint to make affordable and high performance ATA RAID. SCSI is too expensive for the modest improvement in performance. I narrowed my choices to the Adaptec 1200A which uses the Highpoint chip and the Promise Fasttrak100TX2. Both of these companies look like they will be survivors in this business and have current drivers and bios. I ended up getting Fastrak100TX2 for fifty bucks off eBay. So for about $210 I have put together a 75GB RAID 1 configuration and significantly improved the server reliability. I did a quick look for SCSI drives and found a single drive 18GB going for $250.