Bourbon Barrel Old Ale and Karl’s Ninety

Bourbon Barrel Old Ale

I brewed Midwest Supplies Bourbon Barrel Old Ale and Karl’s  Ninety 90 Shilling last year and they finally are fun to drink. I knew the Old Ale was going to take three months to mature but Karl’s Ninety 90 took a long time to carbonate. The Old Ale has some wonderful oak flavors but the bourbon flavor is too small. Although I like it, the Old Ale was too much work. There are just too many outstanding stouts available commercially.

Karl’s Ninety 90 Shilling is a brown ale that I find competitive with the commercial varieties. I like it enough that I may brew it again.

Grocery Shopping with Rye-on-Rye

One of the small pleasures of life is to drink a nice craft beer while shopping the foodie aisles at Jungle Jim’s. The Untapped app does a great job creating a nice tweet of the experience.

5 Rabbit Yodo Con Leche


The name of this beer, Yodo Con Leche, translates as iodine with milk but the brewers say the Spanish slang translation is a coffee that is strong and dark. I was expecting this imperial porter to be somewhat bitter with a strong coffee flavor so I was surprised that the bitterness and coffee flavor were more muted than expected. Since I am not a big fan of IPA beers, I am not complaining. The combination worked for me and I enjoyed sipping this beer.

Barrel Aged Knuckle Head by Rhinegeist

Barrel Aged Knuckle Head by RhinegeistI drank the  Barrel Aged Knuckle Head beer last Friday at Jungle Jims. It is a strong ale that has been aged in used Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels. I liked how the bourbon flavor added complexity to the ale. I wanted to get back in line for a second but since the beer is around 10% ABV that could cause a problem driving home.

Pale Ales At Pint Night

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale  by Bill Huber, on FlickrI was over at Jungle Jims again last Friday for Pint Night and my beer choice was a Christian Morlein Altered Pale Ale. This beer reminded me of another beer that I drunk in the past but the name was stuck on the tip of tongue. As I wandered around the tasting area looking for good buys, I picked up 4 16 oz. cans of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for $5. That’s a good buy! When I got home and took my first sip of Pale Ale, I instantly knew that this was the beer Christian Morlein was paying homage to with their Altered Ale.