Dsclient and Norton Anti-Virus Fix on Windows 98

The latest verion of Norton Anti-Virus 2003 on a W98 box is incompatible with DSCLIENT and the Web Proxy provided by M$ ISA. When I first installed NAV it was partially incompatible. I kept getting a page fault in Negotiat.dll but I could minimize the problem by disabling Liveupdate. NAV ran but I had to perform a manual Liveupdate. After the latest update it is completely incompatible. NAV did not run at all. So I went searching for a real fix. I found it in a knowlegebase article on M$ which recommended not using Web Proxy. It said the problem is with trying to use DSCLIENT to authenticate your http access. Instead it recommended coding the browser for firewall access which is non-authenticated. To make this work I had to remove the Web Proxy.