Vatican paper on gays reveals split

Vatican paper on gays reveals split –

About 30 percent to 50 percent of the Catholic priesthood is estimated to be homosexual. The document calls homosexuality a “disordered” state, adding that no one with “deep-seated homosexual tendencies” might be ordained.

I do not know where they got this information but I bet this scares the average Catholic on multiple levels. If 5% of the population is homosexual than the disproportionate amount of homosexuals becoming priests is alarming. On the tip of every parents tongue we will be questions like, “Why are there so many homosexual Catholic priests?” and “Why are there so many priests who are perverts?” Despite many signs of acceptance of homosexuals by society, the heterosexual population is uncomfortable with homosexual church leadership. We accept the people but not the behavior. Unfortunately there is a lot of child molestation that appears to be linked to a priest’s problems with sexuality and celibacy. For the Protestants this reaffirms that the Catholic pride over celibacy is getting in the way of evangelism. I will continue to argue that if a man has some ambivalence about his sexual identity, becoming a Catholic priest is the wrong place to go.