If Mr. Stephanopoulos Cares About AIDS Why Did He Not Use Charity Navigator To Help Him Select The Best AIDS Charity?

Politico makes a good argument that Mr. Stephanopoulos has earned a reputation as a smart and savvy journalist. When I go to the Clinton Foundation web site I found it difficult to figure out what they have done for treating or preventing AIDS. Surprisingly AIDS is not one of the Clinton Foundation #trendlines for Africa. So you have to ask the question why did he choose the Clinton Foundation over one of Charity Navigator’s top rated AIDS charities for his $75,000 donation.  If Mr. Stephanopoulus really cares about AIDS then any one of those 27 top rated charities would have been the smarter, savvier choice. If Mr. Stephanopoulus is as smart and savvy as we think he is, then what could motivate him to be so disingenuous to his concern for AIDS? It is a question of character. If I was a AIDS fund raiser I would be reminding Mr. Stephanopoulos at every opportunity that a very large contribution to a “real” AIDS charity will go a long way to overcoming his misguided donation to the Clinton Foundation.