This Website Project

I am in the midst of several new projects, SBS2K, Redhat 7.2 Server, and this website. All of these projects combine small business objectives with a learning project. This website started out on a trial with Radio Userland. I wanted a weblog with categories that was not only easy to use but could integrate RSS easily. I looked at Greymatter and Movable Type since I had limited myself to PERL initially. The hosting provider were I wanted to place this site wanted more money for PHP/Mysql so I eliminated some very nice weblog packages that relied on it. The more I looked at the various packages the more important RSS became to me. So RSS drove me here. This site has some bugs but it has most of the features I want, a lot of potential, and is inexpensive. I have decided I am going to keep this site as my Consulting/Personal website and I have started working at feeding news updates via RSS site to another site, Legacy Farm Ltd. The Small Business Server 2000(Microsoft) and the Linux Server projects both involve email/intranet issues and I will talk out loud about them over the next couple of weeks.