Murphy's Law Revisited

OK, I know I am taking the path less traveled but let me rehash my server upgrade project. The plan was to upgrade the server with mirrored drives. I decided on two 75 GB drives from IBM and teamed them up with the Promise FastTrak 100 TX2 controller. I bought two round ATA 100 IDE cables to insure success. Well, things did not work out as planned. It didn't work. Since I had so many new parts it took quite a while to identify which part was the problem. The two IBM drives are bad. I verified the disk drives were the problem by checking the drives with the on-board IDE controllers for two different PCs. The round IDE cables I verified as good by testing them with the CDROM & Zip drive. The FastTrak controller I have not been able to verify. It doesn't seem to like to the old(but working) IDE drives I tried to verify with. I ended up sending an email to Promise support to see if they have any ideas. This snafu is really disappointing because I received my NFR copy of SBS2K this week. It is a NEW copy. It includes the SBS2K SP1 service pack.