The SBS2K Saga – Part 1

Over the next couple of days I hope to catch up on the progress with my Small Business Server 2000(i.e. SBS2K) project. Today I will briefly bore you with the details of juggling a server installation during the Christmas holidays. The primary objectives of the installation was:

  1. E-mail server(aka Exchange 20000
  2. Firewall(M$ ISA server)
  3. Shared files on a mirrored drive

Microsoft has put together a very compelling package of value and performance with the SBS2K package. Although I am intrigued with the Linux offerings I think the SBS2K package is a better package for a small business than the other products and the package I would be most comfortable recommending to clients. The combination of proven robust products by one company with Microsoft's continued support and development makes it a tough product to beat.

Tommorrow I will continue the story by talking about the hardware changes and all of the wonderful bios trivia I have learned.