Offline Files SNAFU

I read the SBS2K newsgroup on Yahoo daily. They frequently talk about offline file issues with XP since there is a bug. I generally do not use offline files because awhile back I turned it on and found myself getting increasingly annoyed with synchronization. Yesterday I installed the printer driver for my QMS printer on the server and had to reboot the server to complete the installation. I forgot I had been working in Quickbooks on another machine and the company database resides on the server. When I got back to Quickbooks and tried to exit it reminded me that the server had disappeared and it was unable to apply the update on the screen to the file on the server. At that point I realized that offline files could have saved me from problems like this. So I turned offline files back on. I made the QB database available offline and then I made a mistake and made my entire user directory available offline. When it started to copy over local files to my pc and I saw how much data would be synchronized, I started looking for ways to undo my mistake. When I looked at the offline files I found that I not only had about a gig of recently synched files, I also had the over a gig of files from the last time I had used offline files. I had two to three gigs of files I did not want available offline. I tried deleting the files from the offline files folder but that did not work. So I read the manual and tried using the delete files button. It brought a screen that was relatively crude and confusing. It allowed me to delete all local files by network share!? I expected a little finer control. I soon noticed that my efforts were not working because XP appears to have a mind of its own and started to repair the offline files directory. I would delete files, XP would repair them. So I went to bed and let XP do its thing. Today I deleted the files. I got most of them and the offline files symbol has disappeared for all of the subdirectories. I think I finally have offline files under control and working for me.