SSA, EFTPS, and Ohio Business Gateway

I am almost at the end of electronic filings for Legacy Farm. It is amazing how things have changed in just a few years. Last year I found out that I could file my W2 & W3 online with the Social Security Administration because I had less than 25 employees. I could also file and pay my Workmen's comp. This year I again filed online with the SSA(after getting my userid re-established). I am grateful they replaced the Acrobat forms file from last year with a regular PDF file. I like to have an electronic copy of what I submitted and the Acrobat forms file was unreadable without Acrobat software I don't own. Last year I found out that I could submit my filing online completely by accident. I was looking through the SSA site for a program or spreadsheet that would allow me to upload a file of my W2s and found out that I could enter them online.

This year I was looking to file and pay my workmen's comp online when I found the Ohio Business Gateway. I found a one-stop filing place for state forms. I could pay my state witholding, workmen's comp, and unemployment insurance all at one place. Pretty nice!

While I was hot on the subject of online filing, I called the folks at EFTPS for internet userid. I have used the phone system version successfully for several years and was happy with it. I think the online version will just be more convienent and quicker.