Last night I told my son that I was having a problem deciding what I should do next year. He told me to stay with the Area56 folks if that's what I enjoy. Then he said he might want to be a leader. Hmm.

On Saturday I help with the 5th and 6th grade ministry at our church. I am officially called a “coach” since the actual leaders are high school students. It's really a cool arangement, kids telling other kids about Christ. I have really gotten a lot out the leaders, the other “coaches”, the pastors, and of course, the kids. It is kind of hard to describe what I do for them.  I see my job as supporting the ministry develop their leaders. Most of the time it just involves listening and encouraging them to be themselves. God can always find a way to work through them when they are true to themselves. My job is so easy and fun I feel I am getting the better part of the deal.  Lately I have been trying figure what I am going to do next year. My son is in the sixth grade. The seventh and eighth graders have a different celebration time, Sunday morning at 10. I have enjoyed working with all of the people associated with the 5th and 6th grade celebration but there are family pressures. My wife does not share my passion for the students and would prefer I move on next year.  I will pray and hope that God will see fit to clear up the fog.