Life on the trailing edge of technology

Today I finally changed out the memory in my workstation. It was a HP Pavilion but I changed out the motherboard when I finally narrowed down an intermittent problem to the motherboard. Stability issues are tough to debug but I was frustrated and determined. I put in a Intel 815EPFVL motherboard on a hunch. I put in the old PIII 677 and memory and have pleased with the results. It has been very stable since the swap. I was lured into the memory swap when I noticed the low prices for PC133 ram. The Intel board is PC133 capable were the HP board was PC100. For $63 I swapped out 512 MB of PC100 for PC133. My son's PC or my AMD350 PC can use the freed up memory. So far everything has been cool.

I reinstalled Dreamweaver 4 and lost my XHTML mod's. I liked the features added by the mod's but the mod's left something funky with the DW4 menus. Funky menus are inevitably bad news(i.e. registry problems). Today I modified a preference concerning the site manager and could not get back in. XP kept wanting to call home to the mothership(M$). My favorite backup plan continues to be uninstall and re-install. Thirty minutes later I am back and better than before. I have been debating whether to go back and manually apply the XHTML changes. I have been pretty pleased with Topstyle and would like to see if it is a better solution to getting XHTML 1.0 code. Dreamweaver MX is a solution but expensive. I tend to skip generations unless absolutely necessary. The developers continue to solve other peoples problems.