How many Kurds Died? Pt. II

how many kurds died?. After some morning conversation with my inlaws about Iraq, I decided to do some research on Saddam. I find it difficult to believe that I've never seen much visual proof of the 1.4 million Saddam alledgedly killed. Mind you even one person is too many in my book, but google came up with an interesting article from World Net Daily

  “Having looked at all of the evidence that was available to us, we find it impossible to confirm the State Department's claim that gas was used in this instance. “

The article was originally published in 1998 and again in october 2001 after 9-11 and accurately predicts more:

  “I continue to make inquiry into the situation in Iraq, as it is likely to brew up into another crisis one of these days when the U.N. has no choice but to conclude that Iraq is not hiding any weapons of mass destruction – or if they are, they are so well hidden that nobody is going to find them.”

Pointers to Saddam atrocities are appreciated.
[Adam Curry: Adam Curry's Weblog]

I made two comments to this post. The first comment was how I used google to find forensic evidence about the gassing of the Kurds by the Iraqis at the Physicians for Human Rights website. The second comment was made when I finally located the PBS Wideangle web page about the gassing attack. Then I started to wonder if I understood the question so I read the article in World Net Daily. The author alleges in the article:

  1. The Iranians are better suspects for the gassing then the Iraqis.
  2. It is illogical for Iraqi military to use gas on the local population.
  3. The UN sanctions are responsible for 1.4 million Iraqi deaths.

Here is hopefully my last rebuttal:

  1. I did not find any sources that confirmed that the Iranians were likely suspects. I did find numerous reports from various sources who gathered the facts that show that the Iraqis had the means, motive, and opportunity.
  2. The gendercide website has a detailed description of the Anful campaign of which the gassing of the general population was a small part. The Anful campaign was a systematic plan to eliminate all Kurdish males between 15 and 50. It is obvious that it is logical for the Iraqi military to gas the general population. When you are looking at exterminating a large group of people, the military did not have a moral problem with using gas to do part of the job.
  3. For those who have read Black Hawk Down it is obvious that starvation is a powerful tool used to gain and maintain control of the population. Blaming the UN for the estimated 1.4 million deaths is hogwash.