Finally made it to church today. I enjoy worshipping so I don’t miss many Sundays. They had a cute video of one of the services last weekend. It showed our worship leader thanking the twenty or so people who braved the weather and encouraged them to spread out and get comfortable. Since the auditorium can hold almost 2,000 they had a lot of seats to work with. Most of the area was under a Level 3 snow alert. The police were giving tickets to those foolish enough to challenge mother nature.

Easy News updates for Legacy Farm

I spent some time today trying to work out a plan for having more current news updates on Legacy Farm website. One of the alternatives I looked at was static sites with Radio Userland. I couldn’t see how it would function so I have been playing around with making updates on my Radio Userland category and then using a Perl program to create a static page. I had a Perl program called pullrss but things got complicated when I found out that ASPN does not support XML::RSS. Now I am looking at coding my own program. I did some brief research and found that RSS feeds have a lot of problems.