Healthmon is healthy again.

I know I talked earlier about fixing IISLockdn but I ended up fixing the Perflib problem that stopped Healthmon from being of any use. During SBS installation the performance counters had gotten screwed up and I could not monitor cpu utilization, memory paging, etc. Those performance objects gave me WMI errors?! The rest of the counters were working fine but I really wanted to monitor cpu utilization and paging. My first tries at fixing this were a failure and my searches of M$ Knowlegebase were fruitless. The best I could find was a Q that recommended rebuilding the perflib counters.  So I turned off alerting in Healthon and went on to more pressing problems. When I started the IISLockdn analysis today, I remembered I had this outstanding problem with Healthmon/perflib. Since I was in a very technical mood I decided to a quick search of the M$ Knowlegebase. A couple of searches later I started to focus on a utility in the W2K resource kit that may be of some use, exctrlst.exe. It displays registry settings for performance objects and allows you to modify them. It was worth at least a try. My initial searches did not find a copy online that I could download. Then I found the entire W2K resource kit online. The utility doesn't show up in a normal search but its there. I downloaded the utility and to my surprise, performance monitoring was turned off on all of the objects that were giving me WMI errors. I turned on performance monitoring on my problem performance objects and rebooted the server. Now I have all of the performance objects available for Healthmon reporting. This was not part of my original plan but I am very happy to Healthmon doing its job correctly.