Are mammograms are part of a health scam?

I finally got around to paying my wife's medical bills. She had a fuzzy thing on her mammogram. Boy, was I surprised! For a ten minute office visit she got charged $254. By my math that means the doctor is grossing about $1500 per hour. I wrote checks that totaled $1600 and we really haven't done anything.  We paid $600 for a test but the rest is office visits. My wife told me they wanted to do a second test but she told them no. It's kind of funny in a morbid way. I am beginning to look at mammograms as part of a health scam. I know I should try and look at from the health professional's viewpoint, “Better safe than sorry”. At this cost I cannot help myself. I see doctors as greedy and I now I question their motives for everything they do. I do not think they care. I think they are just part of a much larger process that went wrong several decades ago and has not gotten any better. I was shocked with the health care process when my son was born twelve years ago and from my recent exposure to the modern version of health care management I know it has not gotten any better. I can see where many people without health insurance are avoiding routine diagnostic care because it is too expensive.