Fasting to increase Spirituality

Last night the subject for 5th and 6th grades was fasting to increase spirituality. It is a difficult subject under normal circumstances but we had over 160 kids so it was tough subject and large groups. Crowd control issues overwhelmed the message. We finished with a great worship set. It was mixed bag type of night. My son, Henry, wasn't there. He had gone with a friend to see X2. When he returned from the movie I discussed fasting with him. I am pretty sure he enjoys the Area 56 celebrations and wants to keep up with what's happening. I proposed he he fast from video games for a week and he thought it was a very bad idea. No surprise!

Today we went to our regular 10 o'clock celebration and the subject was fasting. David, our senior pastor, did a great job presenting the subject but I just don't think adults like the subject any better than 5th and 6th graders. I talked with Henry again about the subject. I told him I am not only going to give up Freecell but I will do a food fast on Wednesday. David had challenged us to join him with a food fast on Wednesday. Freecell I need to give up so if I am honest with myself it doesn't count. Food I need. Henry offered to give up Mountain Dew for the week. It's not video games but I can work with that. We talked some more about how giving up Mountain Dew would increase his spirituality. He offered to read something at random from the Bible. I liked the idea since I think he would benefit from any reading of the Bible but I thought he should focus on one of the Gospels, such as, John. I just happened to be reading John this week. He said he preferred Mark! Huh? Well, we both are going to fast this week. I am going to give up Freecell and re-use the time to memorize favorite Bible verses. Memorizing Bible verses has always been a low priority task for me but it is much better use of time than playing Freecell. On Wednesday I will commit to a food fast and increased prayer. Henry will abstain from Mountain Dew when he comes home from school and instead read a chapter from Mark. Wow, I am impressed! I wish I could take credit for it but all of my ideas were rejected. God will make a way.