Check Engine Light

Last Saturday the check engine light came on in our Subaru. The last time a check engine light came on in one of our vehicles the vehicle ran so poorly I had to have it towed. Since we have multiple vehicles we opted to drive the other vehicles until we could get the Subaru looked at. On Sunday night I saw that a local television station was gone to do an expose on repair shops taking advantage of customers with a check engine light problem. Yesterday my wife and I drove over to the Subaru dealer to drop it off. This looked like a problem that would not get fixed for a few days and it looked expensive. I thought a sensor had failed or possibly the engine computer had become flaky. When I got there the customer service manager grabbed a portable analyzer and ran a diagnostic on the car. He turned and smiled at me. He said he had reset the error message, “Misfire on piston 2”, and I should come back if it reappears. He left me and went off to tend to other customers.