Styling Block Quotes

I finally implemented the Block Quotes styling Simon discussed in his continuing series on CSS. You can see it demonstrated below. For some unknown reason Simon used png files for the quote characters and the resulting file size was a little over 1 Kbytes each. I created my quotes images using the Century Gothic font and saved as a gif. They are a svelte 199 bytes.

Seeing Islam as 'Evil' Faith, Evangelicals Seek Converts. At the grass roots of evangelical Christianity, many are now absorbing the antipathy for Islam that emerged last year. By Laurie Goodstein. [New York Times: NYT HomePage]

A nice article that is surprisingly even-handed on displaying the different point of views. I tend to side with Ergun Caner who says,

Apologetics is defending your faith, and polemics is critiquing others. A Muslim has the right to to worship Allah, and I have a right to stand in front of that mosque and tell them that Jesus saves. That's the hope for Iraq, the hope for Afghanistan.

I know most people who are curious about Christianity do not want religion stuffed down their throat. I think Rebecca Manley Pippert says it multiple times in Out of the Salt Shaker the importance of being yourself. Our humanity is one of the most important tools God uses to bring people closer to Him. Forced conversion is more likely to start wars than bring more people to God.