Center for Internet Security Benchmark for SBS2K

I am not quite sure how I started this mini-project but I think it came out of a newsletter I read. It talked about CIS benchmarks. I had downloaded the software previously but never implemented any of the changes. Today I installed the software and started changing the group policy to raise my “score”. So far I have:

  1. Run winupdate to get the server current.
  2. Implemented group policy changes to Auditing and Accounting Policies.
  3. Implemented group policy changes to Security Settings.
  4. Fixed the problem with SQL Server caused by renaming the Administrator Account. I had to change the userid it uses to logon.
  5. Re-installed the modem. I don't know why but it disappeared.
  6. Implemented the three patches not convered by Winupdate. I used HFNetChkLT to find and deploy the patches.

This raised my score from 4.0 to 7.25. I can probably run the score up to 10 without breaking anything more. At least that's my hope.