History of RSS date formats. I want to talk about prior art. But I can't do that yet, because first I need to give my opinion about this “funky RSS” business. (1142 words) [dive into mark]

As long as I have worked with computers date formats have been an issue and that is a long time. Its kind of sad that date formats are the source of this “funky RSS” business. The good news is that Mark wrote a nice essay on the history of dates in RSS.

Logo on the gogo. A free online library of over 5,000 corporate logos in Adobe Illustrator format may be just the thing if your corporate client sends you a small, crummy GIF image when you repeatedly request original vector artwork. The large archive is organized alphabetically and includes a fast Search function. You may preview any logo before downloading. [Jeffrey Zeldman Presents: The Daily Report]

I checked it out. Its a Russian site but it looks like some folks just trying to get everyone using better quality logos.


I found an interesting item for Internet Explorer. Netscape has a wonderful plugin called Checky. I really should use Netscape more often. The closest IE comes is favlets. Some work… some don't… mileage varies. When it works you click on favorite item and it runs a javascript that validates your current page. I want my web pages to work so this makes it easy for me to test. It avoids a little key entry. The key issue is reading the errors and warnings the validator generates and clean them up.