NT Backup for SBS

Today I created scripts to backup the SBS server. This task is a relatively low priority for me because the lack of backups affect only one person, me! Tape drives and tapes are relatively expensive. IMHO I think tape backups will soon be obsolete. Since the announcements that SBS2003 would automatically setup backup for new server installs I decided to get myself familar with NTBACKUP. I looked at several alternatives but decided to use the procedure described by Mariëtte Knap in her article, How to backup your SBS 2000 server. I had two problems, the parameters for the Ntbackup and the smtp pickup location used by Exchange. The parameters in the downloaded file were for tape backups and I was performing disk backups. The vbs I downloaded had the correct pickup directory for smtp mail but the comments implied I needed to change it. I expect my mirrored disks will save me from disk failures. I expect the daily backup will used as the last resort  to save me from my installation errors.