Windows Media 9 vs. RealMedia 8

There are a lot of ways a person can make a musical photo slideshow. My choice of bundling the photos into a media file with the music is primarily the result of the success of Microsoft and Real to encode the data into a file size I consider to be reasonable for today's users. I consider both Microsoft and Real versions to be equivalent in quality so the overall winner is Microsoft based on the smaller file size. I was kind of surprised to find out that Pinnacle Studio was the best way for me to create the file. I will not tell you how much I surfed the web trying to find a solution that Pinnacle already could do. I am running version 7 so I was surprised when I looked at the file and found that it had encoded with the Microsoft's version 9 encoder and Real version 8 encoder.

Amor Retos' Offspring Slideshow.

Microsoft Plus! Digital Media EditionHere is a Windows Media photo slideshow set to music of Amor Reto's offspring(909 KB). It's a fun little piece that did not take me too long to create. The RealMedia version came in at a hefty 2.2MB.

This all started when I was websurfing yesterday I found a found a website with a photo slideshow set to music. It was cute and I wondered how hard it would be for me to do the same thing. I did alot of research before I realized that I already had all of the tools I needed, Pinnacle Studio. If you do not have something like Studio a really cool and inexpensive too is Plus! Photo Story. You can order Microsoft Plus! a little cheaper from Amazon.

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