You say you want a reformation?

How will America respond to militant Islam? Responses from Asia Times Online readers to my contention that radical Islam yet may defeat the West (Why radical Islam might defeat the West) of July 8 ranged from accusations of anti-Islamic bigotry to the claim that the West, if need arise, simply will kill a billion Muslims. Neo-conservative circles in Washington think neither of accommodating the claims of radical Islam nor of a war against Islam, but rather of an “Islamic Reformation”. [Asia Times]

An interesting article that outlines two scenarios that counterbalance the threat of militant Islam. Both scenarios are dependent on an increase in the textual criticism of the Koran and the personal search for a divine truth. The theological foundation for Protestantism and the Reformation came from scholars who went back to the original Jewish documents. According to this article Jewish translations and commentary provided much of the impetus to the Reformation. Modern day Islam and Catholicism at the time of the Reformation seem to have a similar weaknesses to textual criticism and an intolerance to opposing interpretations. The conflicts between modern society and Islam have forced many Muslims in America into a personal search for the divine truth about Islam. They are not happy with what they have found and have started to criticize the Middle Eastern interpretation of the Koran. Muslims in the United States and Europe tend to be more moderate and are having real problems with trying to be a Muslim in a modern society. The solutions from the Middle East are unacceptable. A schism has formed and it may require a reformation to make Islam palatable to Muslims in America. If Islam does make a better connection with their American Muslims, then evangelical Protestants will connect with Muslims and fill their spiritual needs. I go to a church that is growing by bringing in people from the streets and other churchs. They suceed by being modern, relevant, tolerant, and very spiritual.