Spam Management V1.1

I spent part of this Labor Day trying to update my “Friends List” in Mailtrust Pro. As I have mentioned earlier in “Spam Management”, Mailtrust is my first line of defense for my email addresses against spam and viruses. Mailtrust uses a combination of spam lookup, regexp filtering, blacklist, and whitelist to filter my mailboxes. What I knew but ignored until today was that I was behind in updating my friends list. An important email got deleted today. It had failed one of the filters and had been marked for deletion. After I read it I forgot to remove the delete checkmark and add it as a friend. My valid email addresses are in Outlook and I did not have an automatic approach to updating this list. Today I searched and found a temporary fix. I found an Outlook VBA macro found on that dumps the email addresses to a text file. Since I have two contact folders I modified the macro to dump the emails from both folders. Then I copied and pasted the resulting file into the Mailtrust whitelist file. Mailtrust found and removed the duplicates. It would be nice if I could run this macro automatically each day and automatically update Mailtrust but Outlook is pretty fussy about running any macro. Since I do not add email addresses very often, I should probably be safe for a long time.