Temporary Files – Revisited

I continued to work on the temporary/miscellaneous installation file problem. I started to examine my disk with a utility I have used in the past, i-disk. Its okay but it could be nicer. So I went looking to see if there was a newer version. I had some problems finding it but I finally found it listed on a website called WebAttack.com. In their review of i-disk they were ambivalent about it so I decided to see what they really liked. They had a page where they reviewed a slew of file utilities like i-disk and they seemed to like a utility called foldersizes. Foldersizes is a visually more appealing product with a couple more bells and whistles. Its got a nice XPish motif and some nice reports. I downloaded it from their website, www.foldersizes.com. It worked fine until it ran into a folder left over from an aborted trial of Undelete called Recovery Bin. It never finished scanning that directory. Something was screwed up in the folder and the data should have been deleted months ago, so I deleted the folder. Since I had a “disk” problem, I decided to check the disk with Norton Disk Doctor. NDD found a couple of errors with the indexes and told me to schedule a chkdsk at bootup to fix the errors. I think my disk drive is lean and clean. My file search works much faster now!