Fixing Minor Problems

Today I tried to fix a variety of minor problems. Some fixes worked. Some fixes didn't work.

  1. I have an annoying problem on my W2K server. I started getting this problem after applying SP4. When the SBS Health Monitor reports run a popup message says,”There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\harddisk\Dr1″. I have searched in vain for help using various keywords. Today I found Q330137  when I searched using the keyword “DR1” and it says that some WinXP users occasionally have this problem with zip drives configured as the C drive. Since I remember having funky problems with M$ drivers for the zip drive, I installed Iomega's drivers to see if it would fix the problem.
  2. A person sent in a work around for the PDFCreator font bug. It involves copying part of the file structure of Ghostscript 8.11 so I downloaded and installed Ghostscript. I will check out his workaround tommorrow.
  3. I spent a lot of time trying to get the serial number of my new disk drive for the rebate certificate. I knew I could get it from the disk utilities so I tried creating a floppy disk. I was reminded that my floppy disk has serious problems and I have not fixed it yet. So I tried creating a bootable CDROM. The version of CDBurnerXP I said it could do it. I found out that it could not do it. I downloaded the newest version and it no longer supports ISO images. So I booted up Win98 and created the CDROM using Adaptec's utility. It took me a couple of boots before I figured out I had to put the CDROM into the second CDROM drive. It finally booted but did not run. So I went back to Seagate and decided to run the online disk diagnostic utility. It worked and showed me the serial number. I have vowed to buy a new floppy drive.
  4. I test out PRTG. It is pretty cool but I have noticed a performance hit I haven't noticed before.