Missing drive letter for USB attached camera

I updated my computer about a week ago with a new 120 GB disk drive. I partitioned the drive into two partitions, one for a drive image of my boot partition and one for video files. I didn't realize that this would create a problem for my digital camera. I attached the camera via a USB connection and when I powered it on, it would use drive G and crank up XP's camera wizard. What I finally figured out was that since drive letters G & H were taken by the new drive, the USB software had re-assigned itself to the I drive which was being used by the network. I could see the network drive. It took me awhile but I found I could re-assign the drive letter in disk management if the camera was connected and powered on. A nice thing is that the USB connection remembers its drive assignment. To make things simpler in the future I reassigned my I drive to Y.