Red Hat Linux 7.2 Install

I installed Red Hat 7.2 on my son's PC(athlon 900/320MB/6GB). I had originally planned to install it on my old AMD350 but I couldn't the old PC to power up. I briefly looked at barebones replacements but decided to not spend the money. So cleaned out the partition I had used for XP and installed linux. Everything installed fine although it did not detect the correct video card(Viper 330) and wanted to use a generic three button mouse for the Intellimouse.

The hard part was getting Linux to see the internet. I was pretty sure ISA was stopping it so I went searching for configuration directions. I ended up using the directions found on Linux on SBS. I could not get Red Hat registration/update agent to work but I thought it was just for registering with Red Hat so I ignored it. I spent a long time trying to figure out why rpmfind did not work and gave up. So I downloaded a couple of updates and tried to update manually but the package dependencies was a pain. Then I noticed that Redhat had posted a new up2date and Update agent. They went to a more secure form of updating. So I updated the packages manually and registered with Red Hat. I am now using Update Agent and my complimentary 7 day membership to get 7.2 up to date. There are a lot of packages to update but update agent is figuring out the dependencies for me.