Habitat for Humanity Peachtree to QuickBooks Conversion

I spent a couple of hours yesterday reading and researching a pending project to convert from Peachtree to QuickBooks Pro. The Habitat for Humanity affiliate I have been volunteering for has been using Peachtree for many years but really doesn't have much accumulated knowlege on using it. I have been recommeding that they convert because:

  1. They do not have much accumulated knowlege in Peachtree so they aren't losing much if they convert.
  2. QuickBooks Pro is the accounting package HFHI recommends and has published several documents to help affiliates use it correctly and efficiently.
  3. I have been using QuickBooks Pro for about five years and am very familar with it. I believe I can convert their files with a minimum of fuss.

After reviewing the present chart of accounts and the recommended HFHI financial policies, I suspect that this affiliate is not using Peachtree effectively to collect the information needed for the annual tax return(Form 990) and the various managerial reports. I suspect they use Excel and hand calculations to work around this problem. They will probably get a lot of administrative and some managerial relief by moving to the recommended chart of accounts and letting QuickBooks extract and organize the information.