Ananova – Mobile phone started ringing inside coffin

Mourners at a chapel of rest in Belgium were shocked when a mobile phone started ringing inside the coffin. Relatives of Marc Marchal have now lodged a complaint against the undertaker, says Gazet van Antwerpen. Mr Marchal, 32, from Rochefort, died instantly when his motorcycle crashed into a tractor between Rochefort and Saint-Hubert. Because the body was badly mutilated, the undertaker suggested the family say their final farewell with the body already in the coffin. They were all gathered around the coffin at the undertaker's premises on the evening before the funeral when the phone started ringing. Some members of the family were so startled they ran outside while the undertaker had to reopen the coffin to empty the dead man's pockets. The relatives want police to charge the undertaker who they say cannot have prepared the body properly. Story filed: 09:48 Tuesday 18th November 2003

Landmark ruling on gay marriage. Massachusetts high court rules that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right. [Christian Science Monitor | Top Stories]

I guess I am picky but I wish they would say, “homosexual civil union”. I am disappointed that I have lost the use of the word “gay”. Since the word was co-opted to describe homosexuality its other definitions have been lost to everyone except comedians. If we are not careful we will sacrifice the word “marriage” and our traditional understanding of it so the judicial system can be politically correct. Marriage is tough enough in this society without the assault on it by the courts. I guess this attack was inevitable. The moral structure of our legal system has been under attack for sometime. Gradually the judicial system has strayed from its roots, re-invented itself, and has become morally bankrupt. From my viewpoint the judicial system has adopted the Atheist agenda because it is more politically correct, alienates everyone equally, and is the easy way out. The judges who are “leaning on your own understanding” and playing God are showing a lack of character that is quite disturbing. I am afraid that although they maybe “legally correct”, his or her negligence is condemning the rest of us to a path of justice for no one.