This Is How Linux Is Done: It's The Scientific Method of Peer Review

OSDL has released an explanation, with a handy graphic that Linus and Andrew Morton helped create, that illustrates how software code is contributed to the Linux kernel. The development process is not a “don't ask, don't tell” free-for-all, as Darl McBride would like you to believe. Rather, it's an organized arrangement which has been in place in essentially the same form for more than a decade. Here's the OSDL description of the process: “'OSDL firmly believes that the Linux kernel development process, under the guidance of Linus Torvalds, has proven to be an extremely effective means to produce powerful software for more than 10 years now,' said Stuart Cohen, CEO of OSDL. 'Recent public criticism of the Linux development process shows a lack of understanding as to the rigor imposed by Linus himself and the development community at large. It is a process built on the scientific method of peer review.' [GrokLaw]

For those who are interested in the legal details of the ongoing IBM-SCO legal battle GOKLAW is the place to read first! The legal maneuvering by both sides is amazing and ridiculous.