Lawrence Lessig

The SCO case has been dragging through the courts for months now. McBride threatens another 18 months before he gets to trial. But if this is all they've got, then again, Eben had it right at the start. This is nothing more than a failed company using a failed legal system to make money rather than producing great software. Don't tell me this is what the Framers had in mind when they drafted the Progress Clause of our Constitution.

I spent too much time today reading about SCO and copyright law but it is fascinating. I started this trip  by reading the Groklaw article,  Eldred v. Ashcroft – Justice Breyer's Dissenting Opinion, and the “Greed is Good” open letter by SCO. I ended up with a nice rebuttal by Lawrence Lessig that dissects the open letter point by point. I couldn't help but notice that I started programming computers before SCO was born and I will still be programming computers well after their demise. In this business that has always been normal.