TS2 Meeting

I went to the TS2 meeting in Cincy to learn more about SBS2003. I was sent two NFR copies of SBS2003 Premium but I have been holding off upgrading my SBS2K even though I would like to upgrade. Today I watched a sales demo of the hightlights, remote workplace, secure Outlook Web Access, and Sharepoint. Unlike a lot of M$ upgrades I find value in these improvements. The management reports are an improvement, too. IMHO, I agree with Microsoft sponsored study that showed SBS is an easier package to install and configure than Linux. I have installed both. I think that Linux has its place but I believe you have to match it up with the right client more than SBS. The presenter said M$ will announce some sort of fix tommorrow for Sharepoint dll problem that forces installers to set the date back to 11/24/2003.