Dell Server Bargain?

Don't get me wrong, I like Dell. Last week I went to a local TS2 meeting and the presenter talked about the cost of servers has gone down and gave Dell as an example with a server starting at $299. Two days ago I decided to find out. I went to Dell website and priced out the Dell server. I started out with the $299 barebones server and loaded it up with a typical selection of components for a small SBS server. I ended up with $2852. The 2GB of ram was the big ticket item af about $1000 but most of the components were much higher than retail. $1800 for the rest of the server is still too high for an entry level server. Hmm…

phpWebSite 0.9.3-2 Stable released. The phpWebSite development team has released version 0.9.3-2 of its content management system. This release is mainly a performance enhancement upgrade from previous versions. The memory requirements have been dropped below the 8MB php default and the execution time has been cut in half. Many of the interfaces have been cleaned up and made more consistent. Also a new category view has been implemented for announcements, links, and documents. Other updates include: improved SSL support, a new document manager module, and lots of bug fixes. Two third party modules will ship with this version and all future versions. They are phpwsbb and phpwsrssfeeds. Both of these projects can be found on Developed by the Web Technology Group at Appalachian State University, phpWebSite provides a complete web site content management system. All client output is XHTML 1.0 and meets the W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative requirements. By [email protected] (Steven Levin). [ Front page news]

This is an open source product I have been watching for about six months and one of the reasons I built the Linux box. I probably won't get started on this project until I finish the Habitat accounting conversion.