Kerberos, Samba, and screwing up my son's computer

Today I got the Fedora computer to talk to my Active Directory. I used Scott Lowe's article(Techrepublic and elsewhere) as the guide. The biggest problem I initially had was trying to find kinit. I figured out that it is not part of the standard Fedora distribution. Once I confirmed that Kerberos was properly configured, I joined the computer to the active directory. My test with smbclient was successful so I rebooted the machine since my son had gotten home from school. I promptly got a logon message complaining about “the system's computer account in its primary domain is missing…”. I tried to fix it on the server without success. Finally I logged into the local machine as an administrator and joined it back to the domain. I think the problem occured because I used the same computer name for Linux and W2K but I will have to research the problem more.