SourceForge Updates

I just finished downloading the new version of TortoiseCVS. A little earlier in the week I downloaded Filezilla. They are both bug fixes that I may update. I do not use either program actively.

I downloaded Eraser from Sourceforge last week to check it out. The problem is how to clean the hard drive on a PC being donated. Killdisk is a fine program that works from a bootdisk. I tested it on my son's PC when I installed W2K/Fedora(dual boot). The free version will rewrite the disk partition with a single pass. The Professional version gives you DoD and Guttman rewriting options. Eraser gives you an Explorer extension that will rewrite a selected file with the DoD and Guttman options. Using just free programs you can use Eraser to selectively erase sensitive files and the killdisk bootdisk to rewrite the partition.

I am hoping to finally download and install phpwebsite on Fedora next week. I think this software has a lot of potential for non-profits and small businesses. I would like to use it for my consulting website.