Knoppix as a rescue disk

Today I decided to try out knoppix. A couple of day ago my son told me he could not install the Age of Mythology game I got him for Christmas because he did not have enough disk space. He had already installed another Christmas present, Medieval Total War, and it requires 1.7 GB of disk space. A couple of weeks ago I bought the fedora core 1, openoffice, and knoppix cds from I bought Knoppix because I heard you can boot from the cd and you can use it as a rescue disk. I booted from the cd and everything came up. Some of the plethora of open source packages that comes with knoppix is a partition magic clone and a Ghost clone. This is really cool! My plan is to buy a new disk drive and use the utilities that come with the drive to move the stuff to the new drive. Plan B is to try and fix the problem with these utilities. Plan C is to re-install.