SBS2K to SBS2K3 Upgrade

I really like to lay down fresh copies of operating systems and re-install the programs. This has been the tried and true practice for fixing serious W98 problems. W2K and WinXP have minimized my need to install fresh copies so I decided to try and see if a SBS2K to SBS2K3 upgrade would work. As expected it kind of worked but is unacceptable. I believe I met all of the prerequisites so there must be something else going on. I worked on the problems yesterday and have decided to install a clean copy today. The problems I was not able to get around are:

  1. Exchange failed tp complete during the upgrade. It had a problem with installing the DAV subcomponent which is related to registering exoledb.dll which is probably related to oledb32.dll not registered. I found a KB which suggested that I manually register several dll's including oledb32.dll. I got an error when I tried to register oledb32.dll.
  2. I could not upgrade the server components. I kept getting authenticode errors claiming a parameter error. It finally ended in a loop I had to use task manager to end.
  3. I was generally uncomfortable with the authenticode errors. The only time I expect to see them is when I am installing a third party hardware driver. These errors were popping up during the installation of microsoft software.