Sharepoint and Fedora Updates

After spending some time work on the farm the last couple of days I got back to cleaning up miscellanous items on Sharepoint and Fedora. Here are the Fedora updates:

  1. On Fedora I confirmed that my configuration has problems with userids. If I enter a userid that is used on the windows network, Fedora cannot validate the password. If I create a userid that is not on the windows network, it uses the local password.
  2. Since I was installing an updated kernel I finally found the instructions on how to remove the old kernels from the system and Grub. “rpm -qa | grep kernel” will list the kernels and “rpm -e xxxx” will remove them.
  3. I installed Tsclient and tested it to the server. It works fine although there are some error messages you don't see when you run rdesktop.

Here are the Sharepoint updates:

  1. I finally installed Adobe's Ifilter so I can index Acrobat files in Sharepoint.
  2. I rebuilt the indexes since I already had pdf files in Sharepoint using a stored procedure.”USE STS_xxx_1″ and “EXEC sp_fulltext_catalog 'ix_STS_xxx_1','rebuild'” I got this info off on
  3. I opened up anonymous access. I can now get in from Fedora using Mozilla and cranking up Openoffice 1.1. This is not exactly the combination Microsoft wants you to use but to Microsoft's credit it does work.