McLaughlin Group on Gay Marriages

I just don't think McLaughlin gets it. He seemed to be the most avid supporter of gay marriages in the group. His “righteous” support was almost comical. Is this a sweeps week? From what I have read and seen it appears that all sides seem willing to allow civil union laws work there way through the legislature. Yet this is not enough! Some people want inflame the issue. Civil unions can defuse the issue if a majority can agree. Separating marriage from its religious roots will cause backlash by people who would not normally care. I am sorry but I have been married for over twenty years so I have earned the right to take this personally. As much as the media wants me to believe in Rosie or Will and Grace as role models, it does not work for me. A homosexual relationship is abnormal. It always has been abnormal and the continuation of our species depends on it being abnormal. Maybe in a hundred years when we replace sex as the primary method of creating life and schools have replaced families can we rethink the marriage question. Until then I think we should stick to the truth. I do not respect your right for a homosexual marriage anymore than I respect your right to jump off a cliff and kill yourself. Some things are wrong.