Unix and 2003 Active Directory

Building Security and Directory Solutions for UNIX Using the Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Kerberos and LDAP Services. This guide provides prescriptive guidance to enable Microsoft™ Windows Server® 2003 to be used for authentication and as an identity and authorization data store within heterogeneous Microsoft Windows® and UNIX environments. The guidance covers evaluating, planning, building, and deploying a security and directory infrastructure based on Windows Server 2003. The guidance will be valuable for business and technical decision makers, IT architects, and systems administrators participating in infrastructure consolidation or integration projects. [ActiveWin.com Headlines]

This is a long document so I printed out Part 2 Build which is approximately 170 pages long. I had started work on this earlier but stopped when I upgraded to 2003. I would like to use my 2003 Active Directory to authenticate userids on my linux box. I think other folks with heterogeneous sites would like to do the same.