A Politically Correct Judas

I watched Judas last night with my son. I heard somewhere that it had gotten “good” reviews. I could not help but notice:

  1. Much of the movie was made up. I got curious and looked up Judas in the concordance to see how often his name was mentioned. His only part in the Gospels was in the betrayal of Jesus. There are very few documents from this time other than the Bible so I assume most of the movie was made up.
  2. This movie is the politically correct movie that the Passion critics wanted. Caiphas is nicer, Pilate and his wife are meaner and more conniving, and the crucifixion is the result of Pilate's fear over a Jewish uprising during Passover. Having recently read the Ad Hoc Scholars Committee Report on The Passion, I couldn't help but notice that this movie follows all of their suggestions. It is a movie that liberal Catholics and Jews might like if it wasn't so darn boring. You would think Hollywood could dream up a better script and make the characters more interesting.
  3. I couldn't help but notice how “buff” Jesus was during his crucifixion. In stark contrast to the Passion, this Jesus looks like he is ready to compete on the Bachelorette show. How is this crucifixion supposed to intimidate the rebellious Jews and the budding Jesus movement?
  4. I don't mind that there isn't a message but I really think the movie and characters should have been more entertaining. I mean you are in the same time slot as Everwood.