Hockey Road trip is a success!

My son and I went on hockey tournament in Chicago last weekend. I really didn't want to go. I wasn't sure my son wanted to go. The travel hockey season was a real grind . The team is good but they really have to work to win games and the last couple of games were ugly. I guess we wanted to end the season on a good note. We went to Chicago expecting nothing but we planned on having a fun time regardless of the score. Something wonderful happened! They played some of the best hockey they had played all year. They played like a team and won their first two games. The boys got excited about possibly winning the tournament. They probably were over-confident and lost their third game. In the fourth game they played a very good team to a draw at the end of regulation. Just before the end of the overtime one of our defensemen got the puck and tried a shot from the blue line. It is a shot we want him to take but it got blocked. The guy who blocked took the puck and scored on the break away. It was a heart breaking way to lose but we were so proud of them. They really had matured as a team. I think that each one of them understood the importance of their role in playing as a team.