RE: Salami slicing Fallujah

In the mere nine days since I posted a piece on the negative trends of battle attrition in Iraq, things have changed. I said that the then-present tactics being used against insurgents in the city could not be sustained because the odds were not in our favor…

[Via One Hand Clapping]

I guess I noticed the same thing. Things were looking bad but I was surprised the foks in Fallujah tried to take on the marines directly. A man must know his limits. Taking the battle beyond guerilla warfare is probably suicidal considering the American firepower. It appears that the best strategy for the folks in Fallujah was to accept the ceasefire and organize themselves for the future power struggle. Now they can do neither! If this is the endgame for the Fallujah uprising, this gives the future Iraqi provisional government a little more time to get a working ruling consensus.