RE: Karl Marx explains the Bible

I also have written that a primary feature of modern Bible scholarship is to liberate Bible students from the Bible rather than immerse them in it.


Massive numbers of papers and books have been written since the mid-twentieth century attempting to show that the Jewish and Christian Scriptures are patriarchal, oppressive documents that tell less the story of humanity’s struggle with its relationship with the divine, than they are the record of proto-Marxist class and gender struggles of power, exploitation and domination.

[Via One Hand Clapping]

A fascinating piece that attempts to explain the odd political nature of the old line, western churchs. I have wondered for some time about some Bible scholars I have seen on television. I could tell they believed in something but I was pretty sure it was not the Bible that I have read. Where I have found considerable joy in being a “mere christian”, they appear to find joy in their academic pride for their position on controversial issues. It saddens me because I cannot help but believe their joy is shallow and unfulfilling. It is hard work to keep the heart open when the mind is doing all the talking. The great puzzle has been how did they develop this belief and how do they hold on.