RE: Senators Graham and Ensign Attempt To Enforce U.N. Cooperation

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and John Ensign (R-Nevada) today introduced legislation laying the groundwork for a full-scale, thorough investigation into alleged corruption at the United Nation’s oil-for-food program. Without a proper accounting, U.S. contributions to the U.N. general budget would be cut by 10 percent in FY 2005 and 20 percent in FY 2006.

[Via Friends of Saddam]

This will be a good gauge at how hot this issue really is. I think our invasion of Iraq has the rest of world suitably scared that we just might get out of the UN. Maybe we can find a middle ground with a set of reforms that will prevent future genocides and corruption. We could call is something nice like, UN reforms to improve the effectiveness and accountability.